Matt Super Emulsion House Paint InHouse


A house paint for anywhere, any colour, any time.


Matt Super Emulsion House Paint InHouse

Ready for priming? You won’t need it with this paint that is very long-life and colour fast. The Matt Super Emulsion House Paint InHouse is thick and creamy, perfect for getting the coverage you want without multiple recoats and patchiness.

The best house paint?

The self priming formula means no primer is required on porous surfaces, making Inhouse house paint the best paint for interior walls, and can be easily washed off or powerwashed if desired. Low sheen enables colours to show beautifully giving a richer look without high maintenance demands like those finicky gloss coats that crack in Scottish winters (trust us, we know). If you’re looking for something elegant then try us out!

Interior House Paint

  1. Preparation Remove dirt and grease Remove loose / flaky material.
  2. Scotch / sand existing shiny, or smooth finishes for maximum adhesion Application,
  3. Stir product prior to use. -Two coats is best for even coverage, allow to become touch dry, and fully cured (typically 2>3 hours) between coats.
  • Realistic Coverage 7 m2/litre (existing painted plastered wall)
  • VOC 5 20 g/litre (varies with colour)
  • Solids 30 ± 2 (varies with colour)

Drying Times
Applied to 45 microns DFT 10oC 23oC
Dust Free                            45 min 30 min
Hard Dry                            3 hr 2 hr
Minimum                            3 hr 2 hr
Maximum Indefinite if clean and sound
Drying and recoating times are related to the film thickness, temperature, the relative humidity of the air and ventilation

Weight N/A

500ML, 1000ML, Schutz 1000ML, 5000ML


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